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MERRY & BRIGHT ♥ [Jan. 25th, 2020|10:56 am]
  Show some support & luvvvvvvv....... :)

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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2014|08:02 pm]
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Count my Blessings, starting from today. idk how & and why but i got the idea while showering. [Jan. 16th, 2014|10:15 pm]
1) "My energy booster. Days are more fun because of you" :,)

2) Warehouse is packed, goodies have been reserved :S

3) Auntie Sylvia packed my load of sh*t in the toilet. Honestly so shocked and touched.
    I would probably gag abit packing that mess

4) Chris got me a new backpack for set-up days. It has a birdie-all-over print.
Navy blue is too tom-boy for my liking but I appreciate the thought :)
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zzz [Dec. 17th, 2013|10:31 pm]
what is this
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2013|11:14 pm]
what a cranky 25 yr old chris can be.
today i witnessed him being a pain in the ass.
i have nobody to complain to...

so here am i

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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2013|12:06 am]

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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2013|11:44 pm]


Wedding & Travel featured us on their blog!
I'm honestly happy with how well WLL is doing thus far :,)

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Lim my flower! [Sep. 23rd, 2013|10:12 pm]
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2013|02:16 am]
It's definitely relieving. I've decided to take an off day tmr!
Putting a face mask at 1.30am instead of slping can only mean 1 thing - how shitty my face has turned.
I remember telling Chris how my face was great &glowing just last week.

Ah. All the stress this week....Work + 2 personal projects + 2 events to style on Saturday. Craycray  >:[

okay imma dump some photos over the past week:
my dump look looking for my phone that i flung into the dumpster.
adventures like this are no stranger.... *shrugs

improvised graffiti carton wrapping for my dear collegue bernita's who was leaving.
I got her a loooong penis shower brush and a really nice nightie just to see her reaction.
she's 26 this yr and havent had a stay-over tgt w her boyfrd before :O
the nightie would be really nice for her first time hoho.

A DIY gold headband which turned out way way better than I imagined!
this proj is definitely for keep. Think I could do a tutorial on wulala's wordpress.

Chris brought me to the nightfest! My favourite part of the festival was hands down, the pop-up cinema.
loved 9/10 of the short films we stayed to watch. very local, very endearing. I think i may have enjoyed the one we went 2 yrs back more.
because of my love for more interactive/ colourful creations and I rmb that one was so full of 'DIY' hahahaha

FInally shot for WLL over the weekend with the help of my not-so-great-photog ( in terms of skills. he is quite the A* student for everything else )
the concept was thought 2 months ago..... HAHA! finally did it though the photos didn't turn out the way i'd like them to.
They are still good photos and I did had alot of fun! Hopefully able to use them for a new header!

Renee's Hens night.
-The Disgrunted Chef. 4* (rated by me lol) GEM in Dempsey. Have to go back again!!
- KARAOKAY's da best. all thanks to the girls i relieved so much stress inside me. special thanks to my backup dancer/vocalist bride-to-be.
i love you you are amazing.

Also finished all the TIR HK mooncake display. Am so sick of HK now.
& that gold vase? WIP for a client. Am quite happy its at whotel. ive not been there, would love to check it out!

" What film did this guy directed? "
the answer to my question at night festival aftet watching a 10mins long interview featuring Anthony Chen :)
tiny perks of working at BT hahaha.

1 of the highlights this week!!!! I can't believe he can run and climb so quickly now.. OH HOW MUCH I'VE MISSED HIM.
sucha smart and happy boy. I hope you'll stay this happy, beanie :)

guess what I found while packing my cubby?
My haiwaii tanned kewpie!!!
Got it from the japanese departmental store in Taipei.
i've seen a lot of kewpies....... this one is

feifeimeimei. uncle took our weights and she is officially 5kg heavier than I am
I am very very excited for our pool date tmr morning. PLEASE DON'T RAIN.

For my lucky friend.....8 more to go tmr!

Snail Trial!!!!! I was walking home from midnight supper at Mcds when I found tons of snails w no shells on the ground
spent so much time observing them

omg 2.16am alr.
cant believe i used to spend so much time blogging. i even used lj cuts.
siao! now where got time.
idk y im typing like how i'd talk to myself during showers.
oh shit. this is weird. okok gdnight to.... er myself.
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2013|10:47 pm]
Overwhelmed as i went through my photobucket albums earlier on.
Blogging does archive good times well. I need to start this again! :)

this blog is becoming just an outlet for my extreme-emo self.
not great. im silly & happy most times hoho
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